willmar area arts council

Celeste Suter

Address: 212 S 1st St, Montevideo, MN 56265
Phone: 320-321-1023 320-841-1261
Email: celestialdesigns@charter.net
Website: www.celestialdesignsfiberart.com

Celeste Suterís life objective is to creatively express and to be joyfully connected to all that is.

She has sewn, crocheted, and crafted for more than half her life. Her passion is in spinning, weaving, and using "pointy sticks." Celeste has designed 40 + knitting patterns and was awarded a 2006 Emerging Artist Grant from SMAHC.

The fiber artist participates in area arts, craft, and fiber shows and the Meander Art Crawl. She also designs Renaissance Faire costumes.

In her Montevideo studio, she sells her handspun yarn, fiber creations, fair trade silk and wool yarns, sewing and quilting supplies.