willmar area arts council

Donna Jean Carver

Address: 1801 Becker Ave SE #306, Willmar, MN 56201
Phone: 320-237-2297
Email: topaztiger@charter.net
Websites: http://donna-jean-carver.artistwebsites.com

I consider myself to be a creative artist working in several mediums, in other words, I will paint on anything from canvas to walls. Being creative is what is important to me not the medium I work in. I attended hundreds of craft and art fairs where I sold everything from paintings to quilts. Many of my original sewing and craft designs have been featured in national magazines. There are three websites featuring my designs. I painted several murals on the walls of the house I owned in New London and I have painted many more murals on the walls of the condo I moved into in Willmar last year.

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