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Phyllis Joos

27211 Old Hwy 9, Hancock, MN 56244
Phone: 320-392-5264
Email: pljoos@hotmail.com

My "hobby" became my way of life and the art often becomes an obsessive passion but the most joy comes in the creation. When I begin a piece I usually have an idea of what I want it to look like, but then it takes on a life of its own as the piece progresses. The themes and elements that always remain dominate in my work generally come from my life and relate to women, aging, and the intricate interaction between human life and nature. Each print is a process of discovery and exploration of the world around life cycles, journeys, rituals, ceremonies, and me. I work in a varied range of printmaking processes but prefer etching. The etchings reflect the permanence of mark making as they do in petroglyphs. The imagery is often in a colorful palette with multi layers and textures.

phyllis joos phyllis joos phyllis joos